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Boarding-house near Tsagkhadzor

          The boarding-house is situated on 2.5 hectares of land. It is a three -story stone structure, consisting of 3 residential buildings. It has a separate canteen building, 250 -seat cinema hall, electrical substation with 2 transformers each 400 kW. The capacity building area is 6020 square meters. The 1st floor of buildings are designed for economic building sections. There is 60 rooms in the boarding-house from which 24 rooms are large two-bedroom suites and have outdoor balconies , 18 rooms are small two- bedroom suites, others are single rooms. A small river flows in the area of building-house, there are trout in the river. It is located 7 km far from Tsaghkadzor near the Marmarik community, it is 1.5 km away from the community. It has a nice view, the area is wooded. Also it is endowed with a separate water source, natural gas.

         In summer we use the boarding-house as a camp for children , every time 300-350 children have a rest.

        The boarding-house needs renovation. Inside the structure can be easily transform.



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